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In this article, we are going to see the steps for the installation and configuration of the latest version of Ansible Tower (3.7) on CentOS 8.

Step 1: Update the system and add EPEL repository

Kindly use the below 2 commands to update the system and epel repository.

sudo yum -y update
sudo yum -y install epel-release

Step 2: Download Ansible Tower (Ansible Automation Platform) archive

Kindly download the latest archive file of Ansible Tower from this download link.

Alternatively, you can download the Ansible Tower archive from this link.

Step 3: Install Ansible Tower (Ansible Automation Platform)

Kindly extract the downloaded archive using the below command:

tar xvf ansible-tower-setup-bundle-3.7.0-4.tar.gz

Kindly navigate to the extracted directory using the below command:

cd ansible-tower-setup-bundle-3.7.0-4/
Ansible Tower files
Fig 1.1: Ansible Tower files

Kindly edit the inventory file to set the required credentials. Only “admin_password” and “pg_password” values need to be configured. (Note: RabbitMQ has been replaced with Redis in the latest version)

Inventory file
Fig 1.2: Inventory file

Kindly save the file and invoke the below command:


This will invoke Ansible playbook to install Ansible Tower (Ansible Automation Platform) on CentOS 8.

Step 4: Configure Ansible Tower

Once the installation has been done, kindly open a browser and point to your server IP or hostname via https protocol.

Note: If you try with http protocol, you can’t enter into Ansible Tower with your credentials. It is mandatory to use https in the URL.

Once you logged in to the Ansible Tower, you will be asked to enter the license details.

Kindly browse to the license file (The uploaded license may be a plain text file or a JSON file, and must include properly formatted JSON code) and select the option “I agree to the End User License Agreement” and then click “Submit” to finish the installation.

Ansible tower License Screen
Fig 1.3: License Screen

If you don’t have a license, kindly get the trial license from RedHat sales team via this URL

This is the end of the installation of Ansible Tower (Ansible Automation Platform) on CentOS 8.

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